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November 22, 2010


2007-2009 Fine Art MA – Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP), Grenoble, France.
2003-2008 Fine Art (European) BA – with Honours Class 1, Leeds, England.
2006-2007 Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques (DNAP) – with Distinction, Grenoble, France.


09/2011-present Schools’ coordinator at the South London Gallery.
04/2013 Zoetrope workshop at the Pump House Gallery.

06/2011 Artist facilitator of school workshops at October Gallery.
07/2010-2011 Artist facilitator of the Sunday Spot, weekly family workshop at the South London Gallery.
11/2010 Co-leader of two-day Live art workshop at the University of Leeds.
10/2010-2011 Facilitator of school workshops at the South London Gallery.
06/2010 Interference co-ordinator at ArtsAdmin, Toynbee Studios, a week-long workshop exploring art and activism.

Selected performances and exhibitions

05/2013 Shimmy live art festival, as  part of Wandsworth Arts Festival, London.

11/2012 The Art of Survival, Conjunction 12, Stoke-on-Trent.

01/2012 Construction Gallery, Tooting, London.

12/2011 Laura and Lauren’s Arty Party, Dirty Dicks, London.
12/2011 Open Exhibition, Peckham Space.

10/2010 Touch Village, collaborative performance, A Foundation, Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Biennial.
07/2010 YES/NO – a subjective definition of synergy, performance Kastrupgard, Copenhagen.
05/2010 ArtEvict, collaborative performance, 195 Mare Street, London.
02/2010 Intervilles, video screening at Walthamstow Square, Liverpool.
02/2010 Avatars, Saison Video 2010,
01/2010 Tension, Intervention and Restraint, collaborative performance at Waterside Project Space, London.

07/2009 In Transit, Video Screenings, Gallery Luda, St. Petersburg, Russia.
05/2009 Zugzwang, issue 3, online exhibition.
03/2009 Volatil, Saison Vidéo 2009,
01/2009 Fenêtre sur Rue, video at Galérie Martainville, Rouen, France.

11/2008 Retold, M.Use Arena House, Liverpool.
06/2008 Wunderkammer, University of Leeds, Leeds.
05/2008 Autumn Tree, video installation, Leeds Parish Church, Leeds.
05/2008 You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do, performance at The Common Place, Leeds.
04/2008 En Chantier, video, VOG, Fontaine, France.
02/2008 In Between II and On the Edge videos shown in the play Tales of Iris, PCI Festival, University of Leeds, Leeds.
01/2008 LFA, video installation and performance, Holy Trinity Arts Centre, Leeds.

09/2007 Sway, Analix Forever Gallerie, Geneva, Switzerland.
02/2007 Les Impromptus, Lieu d’Images et d’Art, now the Centre d’Art Bastille, Grenoble, France.
01/2007 Art in-pg, Ève, Grenoble, France.

10/2006 Light Night, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds.
03/2006 Sortie, VOG, Fontaine, France.

05/2004 Neither/Nor, University of Leeds, Leeds.