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Giant Zoetrope

April 28, 2013


Matthew Kay and I have been busy making a large-scale zoetrope. It first  goes on show at the Pump House Gallery this coming Sunday, 5th May 12-4pm. More details here.

Next stop will be the Shimmy live art festival, as  part of Wandsworth Arts Festival, on Sunday 19th May 1-5pm.

Conjunction 12 – The Art of Survival Photos

April 28, 2013

The Crow at Air Space Gallery

The Crow at Airspace Gallery

The Crow at Airspace Gallery

The Crow at Airspace Gallery

The Crow at Fat Cat Cafe Bar

The Crow at Fat Cat

The Crow at Fat Cat

Photos by Fiona Long

Conjunction 12 – The Art of Survival

November 2, 2012

Performing as part of The Art of Survival tonight, with fellow post artist Fiona Long exhibiting in the Biennial too.
Click here for more info about my work and here for Fiona Long.


2nd November – 1st December
LAUNCH: 6.00pm Friday 2nd November, at The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

featuring: SaBa, (h)edge kelektiv, Rich White, Simon Farid, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Andrew Holmes, Jon Muir, Simon Webb, Fiona Long, Doyle & Mallinson…

AirSpace Gallery, Staffordshire University, and The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery invite you to…

Conjunction 12 “THE ART OF SURVIVAL”- is the third biennial contemporary art festival in Stoke-on-Trent. The festival involves exhibitions at Staffordshire University, The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery and AirSpace Gallery, as well as a number of site-responsive artworks in local pubs and the public realm. The Conjunction team have been very keen to ensure that the project has a reach and sustainability beyond the main month of the festival, and for that reason have looked at developing stronger relationships with a wider range of partners and co-producers, both within the commissions and outreach programme.
About this Year’s Theme
In 2012 the biennial looks at ideas of survival within; the natural world, the economy, and the art world and will consider the role of conservation, recognition of resources and grass-roots activity in creating future sustainability. We will cover the ruthless Darwinian notion of ‘survival of the fittest’ whilst also looking at the often subjective practice of museum collecting and archiving.

More info here:

Constructing Spaces Live Art Programme, at Construction Gallery

April 4, 2012

Here are a few photographs documenting my intervention at Construction Gallery as part of the live art programme on Sunday 18th March. Conversations were initiated between people inside and outside of the gallery using post-its, building up a visual diagram that mapped the dialogue that had taken place and filling the window over the course of the event.

The window of the gallery seemed to be a charged boundary between inside and outside, setting up relationships between people as viewer and viewed. This work aimed instead to use this limit as a place of exchange and playful dialogue, acting as a point of connection.

For more information, check out: Construction Gallery

New work showing as part of Constructing Spaces

March 17, 2012

Constructing Spaces

Image: Joe Stevens, care of Tenderpixel, 2010

Constructing Spaces – new live art in Tooting – presenting performance works from…

Cradeaux Alexander
Eldi Dundee
Rachel Gomme
Heather Jones
Joe Stevens
Allan Taylor

Sunday 18 March
5pm – 7pm

Over the last few weeks, six artists have participated in a process of creative exchange to develop a set of live art pieces, working with the physical spaces and context of Construction Gallery in Tooting. Join us for a special showing event on Sunday 18 March from 5pm.

Performance at ArtEvict 05/2010

August 18, 2010

A box sits in a room, abandoned, pushed to the side. There’s a slow cutting noise, knife through cardboard and… pop! Out comes a finger. And then another finger, maybe a tongue, and a toe. Then nothing for a while. Then some more cutting. This time, a leg. Toe, foot, heel, ankle, calf… thigh. Who’s are these bits? Who do they belong to?

Is that my hand or yours? Your toe or my face?
Is that your eye or my belly button?
Is that your bottom or my cheek?
Is that your elbow or my tongue?
Is that my lips or your leg?
Is that my eyebrow or your chest hair?

This performance is a playful piece about the higgledy-piggledy in relationships, the place where we end and others begin, the place where we mix-up.

Tension, Intervention and Restraint

April 28, 2010


This is the documentation of an evening of live art in which five performance artists – Agnes Yit, Benjamin Sebastian, Kimbal Bumstead, Kiki Taira and myself – explore the potential of spontaneity in relation to each other and the audience through durational performances. Following principals of contact improvisation, the artists commence actions individually and spontaneously. Yet by nature of the performances and rules (created for and by each individual artist) to govern their respective works, the artists establish an environment in which their output inevitably clashes and/or bleeds into that of the others while maintaining a certain and real tension between the individual, the other and the group. Tension, Intervention and Restraint took place at The Waterside Project Space 9th January 2010.

Performing Baptiste Croze’s Cosmetic

March 1, 2010
Performing with Baptiste Croze

Performing Baptiste Croze's Cosmetic

Wrong Love at the A Foundation, 13th February 2010