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Give it legs

April 28, 2010

Embarking on a collaboration with a Korean artist called Ha Jung-Su.

I’ve been invited to take part in a collaboration with the Korean artist Ha Jung-Su, to make a piece of work for the DMZ festival in YounCheon, two hours from Seoul, in September 2010. As I’m starting to think about how this project is going work, I’m reminded of an image the artist Alain Declercq showed during an artist talk I attended. He was starting to talk about his work, which actively challenges authority and has therefore led him to become quite entangled with the police, but before he went on, he showed a self-portrait. It was photograph of himself, photoshopped to give himself two left hands. He wanted to create a marker for himself, to remind himself of who he was, before it all got too serious.

I sent my first e-mail to Jung-Su last week, and having done so, e-mailed Travis Street, the co-curator of this event. He e-mailed back saying
“Great that you’re in contact! This project finally has legs!”

And I thought, yes, this is it. This is my marker for the beginning, I want this project to have legs, so lets give it legs!